IQ-LinkUART is a frame-based wrapper for the UART interface.

It is designed to receive frames containing commands for the bus operations and the wrapper configuration.


Commercial applications

  • Vending machines
  • Video monitors
  • Human machine interface (HMI) systems
  • Industrial control and monitoring

Feature List


  • Configurable UART bitrate (all standard and non-standard bitrates supported)
  • Detection of errors using a 16-bit CRC (CCITT)
  • Decoupled command and response interfaces, allowing for high efficiency of the communication
  • FIFO-based interface with configurable depth, allowing a trade-off between resource use and maximum number of commands issued before receiving responses
  • Easy adaptation to the various FPGAs and various design requirements (ranging from slow, low-budget interfaces to the high bandwidth applications)
  • Integrated DMA memory master supporting low-overhead burst transfers
    • Master bus interfaces
      • AMBA AHB
      • AMBA AXI4
      • Avalon®
      • Peregrine*
      * Peregrine bus is Mikroprojekt's proprietary bus, optimized for FPGA architecture

Block Diagram






FPGA LEs BRAMs (M9Ks) Multip. Max. Freq. IO
Cyclone III (EP3C16)  956 2 0 169 MHz * 118**



FPGA LUT4 REG EBR Multip. Max. Freq. IO
ECP3 (ECP3-35EA)  963 449 2 0 174 MHz * 118**
  Maximum frequency of the system bus interface, for AMBA AHB
  assuming all core ports routed off-chip



The core has been rigorously tested in functional simulation and actual hardware.

It is accompanied with an automated testbench with an SPI master simulation model and memory simulation model.

The memory model can be initialized with the desired data using the standard memory initialization file.

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