Plug and play 4K video wall solution


Need a simple solution for a 4K video wall of highest quality?

Well, we have designed one. Mikroprojekt’s IQV video wall driver is able to drive a video wall of up to four 1080p monitors, providing maximum and high-class performance. Due to its processing technology, the IQV video wall driver compensates for the monitor bezels and provides perfectly clean and natural image.

One of the greatest challenges was to make video processing as simple as possible for our clients. Therefore, the IQV video wall driver has a very easy set-up and it is based on a plug and play method.

No need to run video walls with standard PC GPUs, which are at times extremely complicated and difficult to set up. PC GPUs also require different interfaces at the same time and experience driver problems very often, which makes them unreliable, especially when it comes to professional use of video walls.

With IQV video wall driver there is no need for a large PC box. Any device outputting a full HD video stream can drive a video wall. You can even use simple and low cost solutions like Raspberry Pi or media player, maintaining high-quality performance at the same time.

Mikroprojekt’s IQV video wall driver is combined with LatticeECP3 FPGA, which makes it extremely power efficient. It consumes less than 10% of the power required by an equivalent PC video wall solution.

Our product was thoroughly tested on the Sparrowhawk FX board with the HDMI add-on, the most powerful development system for LatticeECP3 FPGA. After the evaluation, the IQV video wall driver has been productized and the boxed version will soon be available for sale.

Key feature set

  • Simple set-up
  • High quality
  • Natural image with bezel masking
  • Low power
  • Modular, expandable


Commercial application

  • Digital signage systems
  • Control and situation rooms
  • Art installations


Documentation is still pending...

 Documentation is still pending...

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