The world is full of great ideas, yet the greatest challenge is to make them work.


We took that challenging path and became experts in the field of embedded displays, videos and graphics. Since embedded systems are everywhere around us, our products found their useful place in most industries and sectors. The list is long, so we will name just a few in which we made significant improvements:

  • Gaming Systems
  • Digital signage systems
  • Professional video and Broadcast equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Industrial electronics
  • Machine vision
  • Major appliances and business machines (HMI)

Technology transfer

Where our ideas come to life.


Numerous hours of brainstorming, testing and creative thinking are transformed into unique and innovative solutions that can be used in the real world. We have formed a highly-skilled team of academics, researchers and engineers to make Mikroprojekt what it is today – an expert in translation of scientific research, novel methods and algorithms into working systems and products.

The very process of technology transfer is divided into several phases. First we need to understand the idea and value of the project. Then we define a practical application of algorithm, determine its limits and apply them to the scientific algorithm. After the product’s specifications are defined, we move to the last phase – design, implementation and testing of the product based on the scientific data we gathered.