Core Business

Mikroprojekt is an embedded system design house focusing on advanced video and embedded graphics solutions based on FPGAs.

We deliver innovative IP, Software, and Hardware which offers flexible functionality and high performance in embedded video and graphics systems.

Driven by creative applications of efficient design, Mikroprojekt's R&D services solve challenging engineering problems, enabling its customers to deliver advanced, cost-effective embedded solutions.

Company culture

We are highly skilled researchers and scientists who like to think outside the box, willing to put our money where our design is. We work as a team and solve problems as a team. No rigid hierarchies, only flexible collaborations and infectious energy.

To be honest, we enjoy challenging and demanding projects. They push us to our limits and sometimes even beyond them. This way we gain valuable experience and personal excellence that we could not find anywhere else. By helping our clients we improve our own skills as well. Testing the limits of technology, nurturing knowledge and basically, doing great stuff – it is why we go to work every morning.