The Company


We made our first steps with Mikroprojekt focusing on telecom business based on the “Duotel” invention of the founder Damir Ježić, PhD.


Six years later, we founded a new company – Intesis. Our goal was to develop software and services for industrial automation and embedded graphics. Intesis soon became one of the pioneers of embedded vector graphics with its eSVG embedded viewer for the SVG open vector graphics format.


Mikroprojekt was re-launched with a brand new mission – to provide high quality video and embedded graphics solutions based on FPGAs. We already had 13 years of experience with embedded systems in Intesis, thus broadening our story under the brand Mikroprojekt.

In the following years Mikroprojekt received several prestigious acknowledgements for its innovative and advanced solutions – we achieved partner status with two leading semiconductor companies: Altera and Lattice Semiconductor.

In order to share our knowledge with the rest of the global community we also took part on Electronica International fair and Embedded world fair.


Mikroprojekt and Intesis joined their forces and advanced forward as a single company.


Plans for future

Our plan is to always be one or two steps ahead of the competition.

That is why we are constantly expanding our team and customer base, broadening areas of applications for our products and searching for new skills and knowledge.

We strongly believe that embracing new design principles and new technologies is the only right path to success.

By continuously testing and enhancing development practises and solutions, we can ensure company’s growing reputation in the global market.