Logic Design

We solve real problems in FPGA designs, thus offering fast and custom service to our clients.

In order to speed up and simplify FPGA design process, we set up a highly skilled and experienced FPGA design team.  

Our task is to implement clients ideas in FPGA by using predefined complex solutions and circuits that have already been tested and optimized.

Due to numerous projects with international clients, we already have a wide range of field proven solutions and IP cores – implementation of high-bandwidth memory controllers, embedded soft CPU systems, highly specialized embedded displays, graphic platforms etc.

Mikroprojekt’s team also provides advanced services and support for every application from expert design consulting and verification, high level logic design, to delicate technical RTL coding and logic implementation.

Electronic Design

Creativity and excellence is our way to improving your applications.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in all electronic products. To be able to analyze each application separately and create optimized custom built electronics for it demands years of hard work and experience. Our team consists of experts who guarantee our clients high performance PCB design optimized for volume production.

Due to vast experience in designing electronic systems and products, Mikroprojekt offers comprehensive and reliable electronic solutions – circuit definition and design, selection of appropriate components and PCB routing.

We also design PCBs for testing and quality assurance of various digital systems and even implement our personalized solutions in professional devices.

Custom built electronics with creative solutions is our way of improving your applications with a know-how in design and launching them to the global market.


Software Development

More power, high efficiency, easy to implement.

When it comes to software development, we blend it with our advanced solutions and innovative problem solving.

As a result we create high quality embedded and application software with the highest degree of hardware awareness.

Since every piece of software designed at Mikroprojekt undergoes strict revision control and thorough testing, we can guarantee that our reliable software solutions can fulfil project’s requirements with maximum performance. In case of highly embedded applications we are able to adapt our designs and provide small, efficient and reliable codes that perfectly suit our client’s needs.

More power, high efficiency, adaptability?

To embedded systems – these are only few of the features you will find in every software creation we make.




The world is full of great ideas, yet the greatest challenge is to make them work.

We took that challenging path and became experts in the field of embedded displays, videos and graphics. Since embedded systems are everywhere around us, our products found their useful place in most industries and sectors. The list is long, so we will name just a few in which we made significant improvements:

  • Gaming Systems
  • Digital signage systems
  • Professional video and Broadcast equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Industrial electronics
  • Machine vision
  • Major appliances and business machines (HMI)

Technology transfer

Where our ideas come to life.

Numerous hours of brainstorming, testing and creative thinking are transformed into unique and innovative solutions that can be used in the real world. We have formed a highly-skilled team of academics, researchers and engineers to make Mikroprojekt what it is today – an expert in translation of scientific research, novel methods and algorithms into working systems and products.

The very process of technology transfer is divided into several phases. First we need to understand the idea and value of the project. Then we define a practical application of algorithm, determine its limits and apply them to the scientific algorithm. After the product’s specifications are defined, we move to the last phase – design, implementation and testing of the product based on the scientific data we gathered.