Our goal was to make even the most advanced video mixing as simple as possible


This is why we have created high-quality IQV – a high-quality, reliable high-performance FPGA solution for

  • easy interfacing,
  • adaptation and
  • mixing

of multiple video sources of various origins.

Due to our innovative efficient design you can now easily perform HD video mixing with advanced effects such as blending, overlay, side by side or picture within picture. 

Visual possibilities and effects of IQV are endless, guaranteeing unprecedented and powerful performance of video processing on Lattice ECP3 FPGA and Mikroprojekt’s IP cores.


Key feature set

  • Video scaling & Alpha blending
  • Smooth transitional effects
  • 1080p video at 60 fps
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Graphical overlays
  • Low processing latency


Commercial applications 

  • Gaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Broadcast & Professional video
  • Surveillance

Solution Overview


The IQV solution is a configurable, scalable high definition video processing pipeline combining multiple video functional blocks (IP Cores):

  •  Video Scaler and Frame Grabber
  • Frame Buffer
  • Video Mixer and Timing controller
  • CPU

The individual blocks are integrated through a high-throughput Peregrine interconnect architecture, based on a cross-bar topology which allows high bandwidth utilization and high speed transfers. Individual video streams are received from the external interfaces as RGB or YUV datastreams, coming from on-chip interfaces or external ICs.

Multiple video input channels are handled within independent scalers and grabbers, as well as multiple outputs within independent mixers.

The output mixer blocks can combine multiple scaled video streams with alpha blending using a windowing scheme. Mixers support also the overlay of static graphics such as logos and OSD menus.

The integrated frame buffer enables synchronization and alignment of video streams received from sources with different timing and resolution parameters.

The CPU controller handles the video data flow for multiple inputs and outputs, controlling the parameters of individual functional blocks to achieve advanced transition and mixing effects.


Implementation and Demo Platform

The design is implemented and can be evaluated on Mikroprojekt’s Sparrowhawk FX Video Development board. The implementation allows mixing of 1080p60 video streams input over DVI/HDMI interfaces. Initialization of the board on power up is automatic, handled by the Mico32 CPU. Communication with the board and the IQ-Video design is implemented through the IQ-LinkUSB interface.

FPGA family
LUT4 REG EBR Multipliers Max. Freq. *** IO Pins
ECP3-35* 36240 51234 111 152 400 MHz 225
ECP2-12** 27985 21864 87 90 200 MHz 120
  Sparrowhawk FX reference design with dual-channel DDR3, dual DVI/HDMI inputs and outputs, with peripherals
  Dual HDMI input, Single HDMI output, video mixing configuration only, single channel DDR2 controller, Lattice ECP3 video protocol board
***   Maximum frequency of the memory interface

More information

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