IQ-CSI-Rx is a MIPI CSI-2 protocol engine/ receiver IP core designed to work with PPI-compatible MIPI D-PHY serial interfaces for capturing images from MIPI CSI-2 camera sensors..

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver IP core (IQ-CSI-Rx) together with the DPHY-Rx IP core provides the capability to receive MIPI CSI-2 compliant traffic from CSI camera sensors, and to decode received CSI packets as video data.

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver receives CSI packets from the MIPI D-PHY IP core through the PHY Protocol Interface (PPI) recommended by the MIPI Alliance. The received packets are then decoded and converted to the standard parallel video interface.

A couple of additional diagnostic capabilities are available to help with identifying the format of the incoming CSI stream. The IP core can be controlled over the Avalon-MM interface.

Key feature Set

  • Clocked video interface at input
  • PHY-Protocol Interface (PPI) towards D-PHY
  • Data rate from 80 to 900 Mbps per lane
  • Supports DCS command transmission

Commercial applications

  • Camera interfaces
  • Automotive infotainment
  • Drones/UAVs
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Feature List


  • Programmable number of serial data lanes (1-4)
  • Data rate from 80 to 900 Mbps per lane
  • PHY-Protocol Interface (PPI) towards D-PHY
  • Clocked video interface at input
  • HS (High Speed) mode receiving support
  • Supports all primary video data formats (RAW, YUV, RGB)
  • ECC generation for packet header
  • CRC generation for packet payload
  • Avalon-MM interface for register access
  • Compliant to MIPI Alliance Specification for Camera Serial Interface v1.3.1


Block Diagram



Implementation Intel


FPGA family
M9K IO Pins
MAX 10  794 603  11  N/A

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